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Lucas Wyrsch

Lucas Wyrsch - Networking and Advising How to Build a Strong Enterprise Risk Management Culture to Achieve Business Success thanks to Social Media Optimization and Integration

Lucas Wyrsch is a board member at Ravens Power AG, CAO at Future Power Generation, CRO at TGC - Consultants TGC - Consultants that Advices Companies How to Build Strong Enterprise Risk Management Cultures to Achieve Business Success! - Basel II Consulting in Operational Risk - Credit Risk Tool Selections - Market Development Activities, Relationship Management - High Level IT and Strategic Project Management Activities 99-02 CAP GEMINI ERNST & YOUNG Senior Consultant - Consultant for the Customer Relationship Management Offerings within the Skill Group Insurance - Accounting, Reporting and Risk Management Consulting for Basel II - Consultant for e-Commerce within the Skill Group Advanced Technology Consulting - Consultant for (Global) Straight Through Processing, electronic Communication Network and Continued Linked Settlements - Management in projects and offering teams - Consulting in the development of an insurance system - Consulting tasks for business process re-engineering in distribution - Moderation of business process re-engineering projects - Creation of an e-learning offerings and LMS (learning management system) - Research, analysis and knowledge management Former activities as broker, financial advisor and actuary. Member of Lead of Swiss Business Club -

Lucas Wyrsch's Background

Lucas Wyrsch's Experience

Board Member at Ravens Power AG

February 2012 - Present | Zug, Switzerland

Ravens Power AG is a Swiss company that is trading in electricity through renewable sources of energy like wind, solar, water and geothermal power. Ravens Power AG administrates and operates utility companies. Ravens Power AG offers consulting and engineering in alternative, sustainable and renewables sources of energy, optimized electricity mix between direct current and alternating current, smart metering, smart grid, energy efficiency, energy storage, batteries, thermocouples, solar cells, and commutator-type electric machines of the dynamo type, conduction, wire, semiconductors, insulators, vacuum, electron or ion beams. Ravens Power AG offers substitution engineering designs, solutions, plants, processes and products to enable public and private companies to phase out from commercial use of nuclear and fossil sources of energy! Ravens Power AG stands for a better use of natural resources through a sustainable use of renewable sources of energy.

SVP of the Marketing Index at Empire Avenue

April 2011 - Present

Lucas Wyrsch is connecting business people on Empire Avenue to achieve superior results in corporate social media thanks to recommendations and peer-to-peer revues.

Senior Consultant in Global Financial Services at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

January 2002 - April 2002

R&D in opRisk, cmRisk, SOX, Basel II, compliance. Member of global GSTP task force, CLS. Virtual project offices for global accounts and Basel II task force. Strategic Consulting, including partner relationship management. Organised SWIFT ISO 15022 partnership for CGEY Central Europe.

Senior Consultant at CGEY

July 2000 - December 2001

Knowledge Management development for CGEY Central Europe, web site and intranet traffic growth, developed brand strategy and statistics systems. Strategic Consulting, including CRM & Internet strategy development. Comprehensive knowledge management and internet migration between E&Y Consulting and CG to CEGY Central Europe.

Insurance Consultant at Cap Gemini

April 1999 - June 2000

Brand and corporate identity development, web site analysis of insurance companes, developed CRM strategy and Internet systems. Strategic Consulting, including global internet strategy.

CAO at Future Power Generation, Inc

April 2009

Future Power Generation, Inc. promotes, advices and invests in geothermal energy plants in particular and alternative, renewable energy projects in general. Future Power Generation is linked with Germany's ERDstrom AG as its holding company.

CNO at GTEM, Inc.

March 2009

GTEM, Inc. is a Global Technical Equipment Marketplace that offers users to place inquiries and offers to a marketplace. GTEM handles the complete process from the inquiry over the customer's offer to the final order. The delivery immediately follows right from the supplier to the buyer.

CFO at SwissNet, Inc.

April 2008

Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Developed brand strategy and statistics systems. Advising new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions. Outsourcing, Project Management, Social networking, Internet, eCommerce, CPRD&T, Finance, Funds, Contacts, Leads and Sales.

BlackStarLifeMember at Ecademy

November 2007

Corporate Social Media Consulting, Networking, Enterprise Risk Management Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Recommendation Management, Strong and Weak Interaction Management, Feedback and Complaint Management, Blogging, Ecademy Club Management like Swiss Business Club, etc. and interaction with Ecademy BlackStar life members and new entrants.

CRO at TGC - Consultants

May 2002

TGC - Consultans is advising companies how to build a strong enterprise risk management culture to achieve business success! Strategic Consulting, operational Risk and enterprise risk management from thoughts to implementation.

Lucas Wyrsch's Education

Peking University

1985 – 1987


University of Geneva

1980 – 1985


Concentration: Physics

Lucas Wyrsch's Interests & Activities

Music, sport, walking, renewable energy, reading books, networking, the golden rule, 12 laws of karma,

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